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A few months ago I decided to FULLY surrender my life to God, and my whole world changed. Initially it was a struggle. I kicked, I screamed, I cried, but I finally gave Him full control of my life. As I reflect on where I am in my life right now, I am at peace. No, I am not working at my dream job, and the way my bank account is set up…well let’s just say I’ve seen better. BUT I am good. I am probably the best I have ever been.


If you don’t mind I would like to briefly share my testimony with you. Rewind to a few months ago when I was studying Mathew chapter 6 in preparation for bible study.


As I begin reading over the chapter before bible study began I became overly confident that the majority of the text didn’t apply to me. “Okay that’s good, I don’t do that, yeah I’m good there, yep that doesn’t apply to me, and cool I’ve been delivered from that. I’m good then!”


Since I was “good” I felt that the text didn’t apply to me, and I didn’t have much to say at the beginning of the group discussion.


THEN my sweet husband  Keith posed a question to the group “So since God says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself” (Mathew 6:34), does that mean we are worrying about tomorrow when we plan ahead for things?


Considering that I am a BIG planner, I became slightly irritated. I use to plan our vacations down to the minute to the point that “Vacation Amber” was deemed “un-fun”. Eventually, I was given the choice to get my life together and either began to live in the moment and let things flow, or be left at home during future group vacations.


I can laugh about it now and admit that there were times that I was a little over the top when planning, but when it was brought to my attention my feelings were hurt because my intentions were good.


My feelings were starting to feel a little hurt again.

Keith has a tendency to play devils advocate any chance that he can get. So out of defense with my face twisted up I was like  “No, planning ahead does not always mean that you are worrying. What would be the point of setting goals then”?


My friend Karen snickered in the background and whispered to me “You are just irritated because like me you are a planner, and have control issues.” With my face still twisted I just shook my head in disagreement.  This question ignited a super in-depth conversation, and left some of the group unsure of how they felt.

How to surrender to God

At the end of the discussion Keith raised another question. “Do you seek God every time you plan ahead and or create a goal, or is it done from worry? For example,  “If you say you want to save 6 months of income “just in case” something happens isn’t that planning out of worry?”


Mathew 6:33 says “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.


If you didn’t seek God first, and he didn’t specifically tell you to save 6 months of your income that means that you are planning out of worry, correct?”

The room fell silent and we all begin to really think about what Keith was asking. It was at this moment that I realized that he was not playing devils advocate, but rather asking a question that I needed to give some extra thought.


I  began to question everything that “I” had ever planned for my life, and asked myself did I plan it all out of worry?


In the end, I along with some of the others realized we were wrong. Most of our planning had unknowingly been out of worry. I apologized to Keith, and admitted to the group that I when I get home I had to go re-figure out my whole life because everything that I had done up until this point was wrong. We all chuckled because clearly I was being a bit dramatic, but deep down inside I had to admit that I was pretty controlling when it came to my life.

It was at that moment that I realized that even though I was saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost I had yet to FULLY surrender my life to God.


What the heck was I going to do now?

My Life Lesson and Advice to You

1. Seek God EVERYDAY.

A lot of times we have the tendency to only go to God when we are going through things, or when it’s convenient with our schedule. WE, as in you and I  have to stop giving God our left over time. You know what I’m talking about. When we leave our prayer time with him until right before bed when we are super tired and falling asleep while praying. It’s okay you don’t have to admit it, I know I am not the only one guilty of this.

Instead we need to begin to schedule time to talk to him everyday, preferably in the morning before we start our day. It does not need to be long and drawn out, just meaningful. Talk to him, then be quiet and listen for his response. That’s really all prayer is, a conversation between you and God.

2. Include Him in EVERYTHING we do.

God gave us all of our dreams and our visions, but he did not intend for us to try to achieve them on our own. He wants to be apart of the process.  Rather than making decisions on our own, we need to ask him what he wants us to do? Nothing is off limits.

Surrender your relationships, your job, your marriage, and even your diet to him. Literally ask him “God what would you like me to do today, who would you like me to pray for, what do YOU need of me?” Trust me he will answer, but it is up to you whether you choose to listen and be obedient.


How to surrender to God

I have found that just because I surrender to God it does not mean that I won’t have the same struggle with control the next day, the next week, or the next month. I have to intentionally surrender to Him everyday, heck sometimes multiple times a day. It might will be difficult in the beginning, but it will get easier. You will actually feel less pressure because you know that everything is in God’s control and not that of your own. Now, this does not give you permission to take your hands off the wheel and go through life like “Oh I can be lazy because in the end God’s in control”. You still have to do your part of the work, you just have to seek Him first.

Be encouraged! I am on this journey with you.


What are some areas in your life that you need to surrender control to God?

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