Twisted Fro Hawk Tutorial

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For those of you that don’t know, the Fro Hawk is one of my favorite hair styles. I love how bold, and versatile it is. A fro hawk can be worn in an afro, with curls, and twisted as shown in this tutorial.

My first time seeing this hairstyle was in Ms.Vaughn’s Red Carpet Ready Updo,  and I loved it from the moment I saw it. This particular fro hawk style is best when completed on blow dried or stretched hair.



TRUE Hydrating Hair Butter by Made Beautiful

Eco Styler gel to slick down my edges


Hair Brush

Goodie Band ponytail holders

Bobby Pins


Step 1

Part your hair into four sections. Place three of the sections in ponytails, and leave the front section loose  so that it can be used as a bang.

Fro Hawk | Curly Corner

Step 2

Split each ponytail into two sections, and two strand twist both sections.

Fro Hawk | Curly Corner

Step 3

Twist the front bang in a loose twist.

Fro Hawk | Curly Corner

Step 4

Roll each twisted section under, and pin to the hair.

Fro Hawk | Curly Corner

Back View

Fro Hawk | Curly Corner


Side View

Twisted Fro Hawk | Curly Corner


Front View

Twisted Fro Hawk | Curly Corner

I hope you guys enjoyed this twisted fro hawk tutorial. If you guys would like me to do a video tutorial leave it in the comments below!

Amber Calhoun

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