Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red

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Something about going to the hair salon makes me feel like a new woman. It gives me a much-needed break from styling my own hair, and a chance to feel pampered. I also love catching up with my stylist and having girl talk.

Keeping up with the maintenance of red hair color is a lot of work! It fades a little after every wash and can easily become dry and brittle.

I go to the beauty salon every three to four months to color my new growth (retouch my roots). My stylist achieves this color by lifting my new growth blonde and applying a red semi-permanent hair dye on top.

Even though I go to the salon to get my hair professionally dyed, I also maintain my color at home in between visits to the salon. Since red fades so quickly it is vital that I recolor my hair (not my roots) every six to seven weeks. If I don’t, my hair will look super ashy and I just can’t roll like that.

Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red

Red hair color is not meant for everyone, especially if you are lazy. You have to make sure to keep your hair moisturized, your color vibrant, and not mind people staring at you. You also have to have a sense of boldness, and an “I don’t care what people think about my hair” attitude. I have been pointed at in the store, called carrot top on social media and some more stuff. For the most part, the stupid comments don’t bother me, but if they catch me on a bad day they might get some unkind words back at them.

I always suggest going to a stylist that specializes in hair color to dye your hair. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to color especially bright blonde colors. A stylist will be able to advise you on the type of colors that will work well for your hair. They will also give you a personalized regimen to do at home to prevent breakage.

Today you get to go to the salon with me, minus all of the time I have to sit under the hairdryer! I will be showing you the process of how I achieve my hot red hair color, as well as how my stylist trims my ends and straightens my natural hair.

Products Used:

Hair Dye: Red by Paul Mitchell

Red Hair Color | Paul Mitchell

Products to lift hair to blonde: JOICO Verolight lightning powder, and JOICO volume 30

Verolight Lightning Powder \ Red Hair Color


Verolight volume 30 | Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color Process

Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red


Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red


Red Hair Color | How to Dye Natural Hair Red


Red Hair Color | Curly Corner





I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please feel free to ask me any questions, or leave a comment below.


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