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A few weeks ago after getting out of the shower, I caught a glimpse of myself as I walked passed the mirror and gasped. I thought  “Who’s body is that? Those rolls, that belly, is this how I really looked?”  I mean I can sit here and say “I don’t know what happened?” And that the weight “just snuck up on me”, but that would be a lie. Heck, I’ve been feeling my pants getting too tight, and noticing how snug my shirts fit for a while now. I treated myself with French fries and ice cream way too many times. And now, I was looking at the aftermath of my “enjoyment”.  Was it worth it? Heck yeah, at the time it was!



Initially, like many other women, I wanted to go hard on myself and criticize everything I had done wrong up until this point. I realized that wasn’t going to do anything but make me cry and feel depressed. So instead I decided to have a REAL conversation with my husband. Initially, I tried to place my feelings on him, you know how we do lol. But then I decided to cut the crap and just own it.

Yep, I ate the food…

Nope, I didn’t exercise…

Yep, I gained ALL the weight back…

Yep, I’m mad about it…

Yep, I still love french fries and I’m currently thinking about ice cream right now…


Now, it was time for the game-changing question. Are you ready to do something about it?

At First, I got super hype and was like “yeah I’m getting ready to do this.” Around an hour later I had already lost momentum and became super dramatic and fell on the floor in a tantrum. I was overwhelmed with the thought of everything that I would need to change to get back to the healthy lifestyle that I once lived. And it was A LOT to do.


Get Back on Track With Your Health

This is the point where a lot of us get stuck. We tend to think about everything we have to do to reach our goal and quit before we even start. Specifically, with food, we think about everything we will have to give up rather than what we will gain.  In order for this health thing to work, we will need to have a total mind shift. Without this step, we will fail.


My Advice to Get Back on Track With Your Health

1. Be honest with yourself, but not hard on yourself. Acknowledge where you are on your health journey. You know what you have and haven’t been doing. Talk those things out with someone you trust, or write it down in a journal. Once you do this move on, do not criticize or beat yourself up about these things. This is not going to help.

2. Create a plan. Now that you have acknowledged the problem, it’s time to get it together and change your lifestyle. You can not do this by just going with the flow, that’s why WE are in this position now. Getting healthy and staying healthy takes a lot of work. (Notice I said getting healthy, and not losing weight. There is a Big difference) . In order to stay on track, you need a plan that works best for you. You can do this by writing out your health goals, prioritizing them, and lastly making them measurable.


  • (3 Goals) 1. To go to the gym more. 2. To cut back on fast food 3. Eat more vegetables.
  • (Prioritize) 1. Cut back on fast food. 2. Eat more Vegetables. 3. Go to the gym more.
    • Goal 1- I want to cut back on fast food. (Measurable) I will only eat fast food 1x per week.
    • Goal 2- I want to eat more vegetables. (Measurable) I will eat vegetables at dinner 3 x’s per week.
    • Goal 3-  I want to go to the gym more. (Measurable) I will go to the gym 3x’s per week. (More specific) I will go to spin class on Monday and Wednesday at 5 am, and Zumba at 6 pm on Friday’s.

3. Inform your significant other, immediate family and or close friends of your plan. This step can be difficult because everyone is not going to be on board for these new life changes you want to make. You might get some pushback, especially if you use to engage in your unhealthy activities with your friends and family. Only tell those that need to know. Your spouse and your children are a must because your cooking is going change. It would be nice if they decided to go on the journey with you, but this will not always be the case. If they aren’t on board, you will have to leave them behind. This is your health! And if you don’t care who else will.

4. Find an accountability partner or join a group. Two years ago I embarked on my health journey with a month-long juice cleanse, followed by a month of raw food. During this time I attended a weekly class to learn everything I could in regards to living a healthy lifestyle. My health coach Roz is a hardcore vegan and plays no games. She kept me accountable and was not trying to hear any excuses. A few months ago she started a facebook group called Well Women of Color. Along with her teachings, there are several women sharing their health journey’s, providing encouragement, support, and accountability to one another. This group is free, but there is also a paid version for those ready to jump in full force and make some radical changes in their life. Decide if you need an accountability group or just a partner. Make sure to pick the one that is best for you.

5. Execute the plan, and stay consistent. Execution is one thing that I have struggled with for a long time! I can make a really cute plan, get excited about the plan, and never actually do it. This step determines how successful you will be on your health journey. You can’t just think about it, you have to put in the work.  So, just do it!


Well, guys, I am jumping in full force. I am ready to do this for real this time! During the month of February, I will be doing a 21-day raw food cleanse. I will keep you guys posted on my journey.


5 Ways to Get Back Healthy | Curly Corner | Amber Calhoun

What is one way you want to improve your health this year? Do you have anything that you are struggling with?


Amber Calhoun

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